What kind of bands does Omolashes use?

A: The lash bands that are used to make our faux mink lashes are made from 100% cotton and they are flexible, thin bands that allow the lashes to stay on very well.

Where are the lashes produced?

A: Our lashes are manufactured in Indonesia and made cruelty free. That means the lashes are NOT tested on animals and are NOT created with animal hairs 

What are the lashes made of?

A: Omolashes are made from premium, cruelty-free synthetic fibers and 100% sterilized human hairs.

How do I apply my false eyelashes?


Step 1- Size the lashes: Make sure the lash band is the right length and will fit on your unique eye. Use a pair of tweezers and hold the lash strip against your eye (don't use your fingers or it might damage or leave unwanted bacteria on the hairs or band). Trim the sides to how you see fit.

Step 2- Applying the lash glue: Apply the glue on the outer seam of the eyelash strip with a small brush or any other applicator that is available. Allow the lash glue to dry for a brief moment (20-30 seconds) before applying.

Step 3- Placing the band: Bring the lash band from ABOVE, not from the front. This will allow the false eyelashes to come as close to your natural lashline as possible. Position it as you see fit.

Step 4- Allow the glue to dry on its own: Once the false eyelashes are in place, you do not need to press or hold onto it. Blowing or fanning the lashes might reposition the lashes which will cause more trouble.

Step 5- Apply mascara (optional): Applying mascara will held blend your natural lashes and will achieve a more natural look. 

How do I remove my false eyelashes?

A: Do NOT tug on your false eyelashes to remove them! They may damage the false eyelashes and could cause discomfort. Put one finger at the base of your lashes and gently pull the false eyelashes starting from the outside and slowly make your way towards the inside where your tear duct is. If you feel discomfort, use a cotton swab or any other applicator to apply a non-oil based makeup remover to the adhesive. Wait for the adhesive to soften and slowly pull away the false eyelashes as explained above.