Welcome to the Omo Lashes Family!
Who are we? What are we? 

Omolashes is an online false eyelash company that started in April 2018. We are firm believers in empowering the youth and are not afraid to speak our minds. We have a rebellious attitude and spirit to go against the norm. We are motivators and creators who inspire people to freely express what they feel and shout for what they believe in. The word "Omo" is a Korean expression that conveys surprise. Our name is "Omo" because we aren't the conventional lash brand, we know we are different and will leave a lasting impact on the generations to come. Our lashes are not only affordable but they are high quality.

The Lashes
Our products are handcrafted using 100% sterilized premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers. Our factories in Indonesia undergo constant quality checks to assure our customers receive high-quality products that meet our standards.