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I really liked the lashes! Very high quality for the price, they’re on par with the ones I usually buy! I like the packaging. Shipping was fast and easy :). My favorite would have to be vixen, because it’s the good amount of volume, thickness and wispiness. I don’t like my lashes too thick because it looks overwhelming, but I liked Vixen a lot. I didn’t have to cut the lashes down either. Communication and shipping was quick and easy. The bands were the right amount of thickness that it was comfortable. And I got a good amount of uses out of them :)

@Itssosunny / Model

The lashes felt high quality! Packaging is like any other lash brand, meets standard and shipping didn't seem to take long at all. Vixen is my favorite! I'm into the wispy yet still semi-dramatic look and that pair had both. Omo Lashes show that they care about what their customers/influencers think about them both product and brand wise. Many lash companies lack human interaction and only care about sales!

@Annwinn / Model

Quality of the lashes were really nice! The packaging was super cute and I love the font! Shipping was very fast with no delays. I’d say that Vixen had to be my favorite because it really brought out my eyes. I just love the overall quality and care they put into making and packaging their lashes. It’s not some cheap lashes that fall apart after one use.

@Vivianjasmineyuu / Model

Quality is good, can reuse about 15x, packaging is nice & simple! & shipping was pretty fast. Mische cause it’s similar to my name & I like how wispy it is LOL I like the price & the band is not too thick !

@Michelleeeeto / Model

The lashes were shipped & delivered faster I expected. The little box they came in were super cute and durable. The lashes themselves were lightweight, reusable, and they blended in easily with my natural lashes. Overall, I loved the quality and I use these lashes very frequently! My favorite lash style was definitely “Wynn”. I think they’re perfect for any going-out look. I, personally, tend to prefer a more dramatic lash over natural-looking ones so this style was great for me. Omo Lashes are much more affordable than other brands yet they’re quality is just as good and probably even better than a lot of the more expensive ones. Plus the website is really nice and easy to navigate!

@Devxnx / Model

Quality was really good for the price! I usually wear 30$ dollars lashes and these were pretty similar. Packaging was cute but would love it more if there was glass casing i can reuse! Shipping was also quick. My favorite lash is Wynn! Because it’s the name of my fave hotel to stay when i go Vegas 😀 jk it’s because it’s dramatic enough but still not too much for my favorite eye looks when I’m going out! Good price for faux mink lashes! It’s hard to come across these days to find ones that fit my eye shape but these were great for my Asian hooded eyes!

@_Ninaenae / Model

Everything was great! The shipping was pretty fast and the packaging was nice and secure! No damages to the product. Also the quality of the lashes are amazing!! I literally wear them all the time now (maybe 20+ wears already)! My favorite style is Vixen because it shapes my eyes and makes them beautiful the best! I’ve had so many compliments on where I’ve got my lashes from! The unique styles you guys have! There’s a lot of similar lashes out there but it made me look the best out of any lashes and I’m not being overdramatic!!

@Getmynori / Model